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Self-care tips, tricks and hacks.

Self-care tips, tricks and hacks.

At home self-care solutions to keep you looking and feeling yourself.

Stress and uncertainty can take its toll on the body and mind. Whether you’re working during this current climate, or at home possibly feeling disconnected, taking time to care for ourselves physically and mentally is never more important. While skincare, to some, may appear a superfluous luxury, it can help underpin our daily routine and sense of normality, also providing relief and a moment of calm. We asked our #TeamClean on Instagram what they’d like to see from us, and self care and distraction was still high up there.

With that, here’s our tips to keep you feeling and looking yourself, while hopefully taking a moment of calm, however you’re spending your time.

Self-care tips, tricks and hacks.

Keep your hands hydrated.

Whatever your daily routine may currently look like, the advice is to wash our hands more frequently and at least for 40-60 seconds each time. Now’s the time to reach for a sulphate-free hand wash if you can. Sulphates or ‘SLS’ can be drying, stripping the skin of natural oils and weakening it’s protective barrier.

Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Hand Wash will help provide optimal hand-hydration and protection from uncomfortable chapping and drying, while still purifying the skin. Follow up with our Energizing Hand Lotion to lock in moisture, which is especially needed when using alcohol-based hand sanitizers - a must in the current climate. 

Self-care tips, tricks and hacks.

A moment for your mind. 

Switch off the news, stop scrolling your feed and take time to ease your mind. If you have a bath, stand in it and scrub dry skin with one of our body scrubs, then simply lie down and allow the salts, nourishing oils and fragrances to disperse while you relax. Our Moroccan Rose, Atlantic Kelp and Guerande Salt scrubs all contain aromatherapeutic blends of natural fragrances, so breath deeply as you relax.

For those without a bath, use them in-shower, too or as an anytime hand scrub to avoid flaky hands - just avoid using on chapped or broken skin. When you’re finished, lock in moisture with your favorite body cream and spritz & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray on your pillows, fresh linens or even pajamas to further help your mind unwind.  

Self-care tips, tricks and hacks.

Keep up the cleansing. 

Outdoor air quality, especially for city residents, can wreak havoc on skin. Airborne particles can clog pores, induce breakouts and lead to premature ageing. Indoor air is essentially the same, not accounting for dust inside our homes. Proper cleansing here is key, AM and PM. Massage Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser over your skin to break up dirt and impurities, and really take your time with it, as massaging can release pent-up stress and give you a moment of calm. Why not practice some deep breathing as you cleanse, too. 

Self-care tips, tricks and hacks.

Reveal even, glowing skin. 

AHAs and BHAs are known for helping to cleanse, break up dead cells and smooth skin texture, but they can make your skin more sun sensitive. As we’re spending more time in our homes, now is a great time to incorporate acid-based formulas like Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic and Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. We’re not recommending you go gung-ho and irritate your skin, so use AHA Tonic daily and Glycol Lactic Mask as a twice-weekly face mask, Depending how your skin responds, you can use AHA Skincare Tonic morning and evening - but always use sunscreen when venturing outdoors. 

If you’ve got hyperpigmentation, being indoors is the perfect time to help fade discoloration as sun exposure won’t counteract your efforts. Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream is a non-acid moisturizer, so you can use it in conjunction with all of the above.

Self-care tips, tricks and hacks.

Future proof your skin.

If you are lucky enough to get outside - whether that's in your back yard or on a run to your local park, be sure to safeguard your smooth complexion. Use Clean Screen SPF 30 to protect skin from burning and prevent premature ageing such as leathering and hyperpigmentation in one simple step. 

However you are tackling the recent changes to your daily routine, take care of yourself, of others and stay safe.