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Zero Waste - we’re on the way.

This year we launched our Clean to Planet initiative, our partnership with Surfrider Foundation and our pledge to become a Zero Waste company by 2021. Seems a lot, but we’re making (cleaner) waves. Here’s an update on our progress.

Plastic problems.

Nature documentaries, world news, and should-be beautiful beach walks. It’s clear the plastic waste issue is reaching critical.

According to Scientific Reports, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (worth a Google), contains over 79,000 tons of plastic across 1.6 million km. We want to lead by example - inspiring the beauty industry to clean up it’s act.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Our packaging is getting a clean revamp. We’re removing cardboard cartons from all of our cleansers, using single-layer labels, and switching metal pumps for one-type plastic, which is easier to recycle.

Some formulas are easier than others to repack, (we need to make sure our formula is protected) but, we’re figuring it out. You’ll notice our new packaging phasing in across stores and online this year.

Better beaches, please.

Working with Surfrider Foundation, we’re educating our customers to recycle, by organising beach cleanups and taking a more proactive view against waste. We’ll keep you updated on how you can get involved - to bring our beaches back to beautiful.