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The skin-loving acne solution.

The skin-loving acne solution.

Meet our NEW Non-Drying Acne Treatment Gel.

Say hello to the skin-loving acne solution. Our Non-Drying Acne Treatment Gel helps to calm, soothe and clear acne-prone skin - without flaking or caking under makeup. Formulated with only 100% vegan ingredients and packaged in recycled material - we’re comfortable saying it’s truly clean, inside and out. So, here’s what you need to know about this skincare hero.
The skin-loving acne solution.

Wave goodbye, without going dry.

We all get blemishes. And while there’s solidarity in knowing that the odd breakout is no big deal, we generally like to cover them up ahead of parties, big events or anything where there's potential for a lot of pictures. So while we totally support baring it all, we’ve developed our spot gel to go well with or without makeup. 

The skin-loving acne solution.

Goes great with makeup.

A light liquid texture, it doesn’t dry in clumps or crusts (we know...gross). Instead, it forms an invisible veil - think a spray-on clear bandage - over your blemish. It also gives you a smooth, colorless canvas perfect for applying makeup. Plus, with it’s liquid formula you can massage it into larger breakout-prone areas to keep them spotless (literally).

The skin-loving acne solution.

Willow Bark for the win.

Salicylic Acid is known to reduce breakouts, but super-high concentrations can dry out your skin. As a kind-to-skin alternative, we opted to formulate our acne gel with a low dose of 0.5% salicylic acid and supplement it's acne fighting ability with salicilin from willow bark. Willow bark is a naturally-derived percusor to salicylic acid. It’s a natural beta-hydroxy acid (BHA to you guys in the know) that - thanks to being non water soluble - can get to work on the blemish. 

This acid helps break up the debris that’s your clogging pores, helping to exfoliate pore-clogging skin cells and reduce excess oil.

Plus thanks to our unique formula, our acne gel does all of this without leaving you with a dry, crusty crater where a blemish once was. With skin care for dry skin in mind, we’ve even added maritime pine and thyme extract to soothe the skin.

The skin-loving acne solution.

Mending your microbiome. 

And this brings us back to bacteria. Not all bacteria is bad, but when the bad stuff overpowers the good bacteria on our skin - that’s when breakouts start. We’ve included prebiotic extract from Chlorella to feed the good bacteria, leading to a balanced skin environment and a breakout-free future.

The skin-loving acne solution.

Clean to planet credentials. 

With every pack we make, our impact on the planet is on the top of our minds. We've taken another small step towards our commitment to go Zero Waste by 2021 with our acne treatment packaging.

Our Non-Drying Acne Treatment comes in a tube made from 50% recycled plastic with a cap that’s 100% recycled plastic. They’re both single-type materials, so they’re designed to be easily recycled again.

Why not 100% recycled tube, you ask? Recycled plastic is weaker than virgin plastic, so we need to maintain some virgin plastic so the packaging doesn’t break - giving you a product that works in a tube that works, too. That said, we’re working on exciting new packaging solutions to come - stay tuned.