Hand Care

Nourishing hand wash and hand cream. Formulated with clean ingredients that cleanse and hydrate.

Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Energizing Hand Wash

Purifying, energizing hand wash.


About the collection

Dry, tired hands got you down? Our hands go through a lot during the day, whether from drying hand sanitizer, harsh soap, or daily activities, your hands can get dry and cracked quickly. Just like we have a skin care routine for our face, give your hands the care they deserve with a moisturizing hand care routine. Add REN Clean Skincare hand care products to every sink in your house for an invigorating, hydrating experience each time you wash your hands. 

Unlike harsh soap products, REN’s gentle, purifying hand washes are sulfate free and made with essential oils and minerals to remove dirt without over-stripping the skin and leaving you with dry hands. With a blend of clean ingredients to energize the senses, your hands will be left refreshed and lightly fragranced. Follow your hand care routine with our replenishing hand cream, adding moisture and hydration back into your skin and cuticles without feeling greasy. This light hand lotion is easily absorbed into the skin to quickly revive and energize dry skin.

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