Will free gift offers be excluded on my subscription order?
  • Subscription orders are not eligible for free gift items.

Will my subscription order include samples?

  • Subscription orders do not include samples. Subscription orders are not eligible for free samples.

When will I be charged for a subscription order?

  • You will be charged based on the timeframe that you have selected for your subscription order. You can view your subscription timeframe in your subscription order portal.

Will I be charged in full or have split payments for subscription?

  • You will be charged in full when your subscription renews.

Will I be able to edit the products on subscription orders?

  • You can edit/update which products you want to auto-replen in your customer portal.

Will my subscription order automatically send me tracking once shipped?

  • Yes, tracking details will be provided in your order confirmation.

Will I get reminder emails about my subscription orders?

  • Yes, you will be sent a reminder email when your subscription order is scheduled for renewal. To ensure your reminder email is not missed, ensure that any emails coming from REN Skincare are not flagged as junk/spam in your email provider.

Will returning a subscription order cause it to cancel the auto delivery?

  • Returns do not cancel auto-delivery. In order to cancel your auto-delivery for your subscription order, you will need to cancel your subscription within your customer portal.
For Out-of-Stock(OOS) & discontinued items, will I be notified by email?
  • Yes, you will be notified by email if an item is OOS or discontinued. You will not be charged if the item is no longer available.
What type of shipping method will be used?
  • We use UPS to ship and the same shipping methods available for non-subscription orders will also be available for subscription orders.
Are rewards points earned on subscription orders?
  • Yes, rewards points are earned on subscription orders.

Can I use a rewards voucher on subscription orders?

  • No, rewards vouchers cannot be used on subscription orders at the moment, but we are currently looking into how we can bring this to life for you! We'll update this answer when we have more information.
Will I be able to use rewards vouchers on subscription orders?
  • Yes, you’re able to use your rewards vouchers on subscription orders. Just input your discount code in the discount code field at checkout.