Zero Waste is at our core. We are passionate about protecting our planet’s resources and committed to reducing the waste produced at every stage of our product's journey. We believe that skincare should work for everyone, including our planet – because great skin should never cost the earth.


We actively collaborate with other Zero Waste advocates like the Surfrider Foundation, who share our values and vision. Through these alliances, our unified call for change can be heard louder, which makes our sustainable steps forward larger.


We want to empower through education, by providing access to information that anyone can use to start their own Zero Waste journey. We collaborate with positive activists, even our WeAreAllies competitors, in an open exchange to elevate our collective cause.


We know that Zero Waste doesn’t stop at packaging. We consciously formulate our skincare using sustainable and upcycled ingredients wherever possible, sourced responsibly to help preserve and protect their native ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.


We take action to reduce the waste that we produce at every stage of our product's journey. From expanding our Zero Waste sample and travel sizes to reusable packaging for shipping, to sustainable solutions behind the scenes – we pledge to make every step count.

Our Impact So Far

We've repurposed 45 tons of PCR plastic waste and given it a new life in our packs. And we're just getting started...

45 Tons

of PCR plastic waste from landfill repurposed in our packs

16 Tons

of plastic waste saved from entering landfill with Infinity Recycling

4.5 Million

single use sachets saved from entering landfill

3 Tons

of plastic waste repurposed with Dark Circle Eye Cream

1.5 Tons

of plastic removed from ocean sources & repurposed in our packs


of plastic saved with our world-first 100% aluminum sample tube


of litter collected from our waterways with the Surfrider Foundation

63 Metric Tons

of CO2e directly saved with Boox compared to traditional shippers
Our Zero Waste Journey

We made our Zero Waste Pledge in 2018, to only produce packaging designed to be recyclable, containing recycled materials or being reusable by the end of 2021. And we achieved it! Here's how we got there...